Our Recipe for a Winning Website

Our web development process begins with a discovery phase to understand your business, discover who your audience is, and gather information about what goals you have for your website.

Building the Foundation

Our SEO and Content team will analyze your current site against your marketing goals to plan the best site architecture for the new build. Current content will be mapped to your keyword targets to create a gap analysis. Our proposed website architecture will be the foundation that underpins an organized, intuitive website, optimized to win.

Designing for People

It’s harder than it sounds. Our design centers around functionality and an intuitive user experience. We’ll help you prioritize the objective for each page, and use that to inform our design of the real, live website. Your content provides the framework, while the design represents your distinct brand.

Developing your Dream

Our programmers are seasoned professionals. We start with our custom WordPress framework that has been optimized for speed, SEO, and functionality. Then we layer in the design, along with any other features your business needs. Custom API integrations? We build them. Need forms to flow into Salesforce? Easy, we’re experts in website automation.

Post-launch support

After the bugs are fixed and the site is browser tested and launched, you still may need help with the website. That’s why we offer premium hosting and site maintenance so you can keep your website secure and up-to-date to protect your investment.

We build more than just websites

Building your website is one thing. Keeping it updated and maintained as a well-oiled machine is something else.

Hosting and Maintenance

We do much more than just host your website. In fact, hosting is the easiest part. We use cloud-based hosting for reliability and flexibility of storage and processing power. Beyond hosting, we perform all necessary maintenance needed to keep your site safe and problem free, including regular updates and backups of your website.

Custom Integrations

Not all projects are simple websites. You may need a custom integration with the software that keeps your business running. Whether it’s a CRM such as Salesforce, an ERP like Epicor, or a data feed such as MLS, we can use APIs to connect the data to your website so it’s fully integrated with your business’ infrastructure.

Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are a powerful technical upgrade for your website to make it incredibly fast and more reliable. A PWA can be designed to function like an app, prompting users to install and pushing notifications to their device. If your company doesn’t need an app-like experience, we can still use the underlying PWA framework to create a blazing fast user experience for your customers.

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