Social media advertising management

We’ve developed a unique methodology to manage and optimize your business’ advertising performance on top tier social channels. We have nearly a decade of combined experience, and have managed over $100k in ad spend from various brands in the CPG, manufacturing, not-for-profit, and healthcare industries.


Facebook has more than 1.2 billion active users. Your friends are on it, your mum’s on it, other companies are on it, even your nine-year-old neighbour is on it – so why isn’t your business? With WME, we can micro-target your Facebook ad by age, gender, industry, location and interests, so you can position yourself exactly where you need to be seen.


An average of 95 million photos and videos are shared on Instagram every day – a number that continues to boom as usership figures rapidly rise. Full of savvy marketing features, Instagram allows you to run contests, boost followers, adopt influencer marketing and curate a personality for your brand. What are you waiting for?


LinkedIn has over 380 million members worldwide, making it the number one place to develop thriving relationships with other businesses. Our social media experts know how to craft a LinkedIn profile that will sky-rocket your website traffic and generate a tangible ROI.

Our approach to paid social media management

We identify opportunities for improvement at each level of your funnel, discovering action items that improve your objectives.


We begin by collecting information about your business, ad performance, and current goals on each platform. We use this time to discover a variety of opportunities for your campaign, and to form an ongoing strategy to measure success.


We utilize various AI tools, Audience Insights, and the Google Marketing Platform to craft hypertargeted audiences that improve your ad performance and increase ROI.


We analyze the relationship between your current metrics and your current campaigns. This enables us to make strategic adjustments that optimize your spend and improve results.

Our Social Media Checklist

Marketing your business on Social media is never just a "set and forget". Our regular checks ensure that we are always on point with your overall strategy. Below is a checklist of the regular tasks that should be done to keep your social media strategy on track.


  • Check and reply to comments and questions.
  • Find your brand mentions online and react to them
  • Review and comment on influencers’ posts.
  • Explore industry news and hot topics.
  • Discover trending hashtags.
  • Research industry-related keywords and threads.
  • Watch what your competitors are posting.
  • Update your posting calendar


  • Capitalize on competitors’ best-performing posts.
  • Track the results of your ongoing campaigns.
  • Boost well-performing posts. Synchronize with other teams’ goals and upcoming activities.
  • Create a posting schedule for the week.


  • Identify your month’s successes based on stats and adjust your strategy.
  • Analyze your competitors’ social strategies.
  • Compare your performance against competitors’.
  • Research upcoming industry news and events.
  • Define the next month’s ratio of educational to entertaining content


  • Review and evaluate the last quarter KPIs.
  • Conduct audience analysis to check your targeting.
  • Make sure your brand image is consistent across all social channels.
  • Set your goals for the next quarter.

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