Email marketing is one of those pivotal, game-changing facets of online marketing that every serious marketer needs to know how to do successfully.

We'll show you how to automate it so that every email practically sells itself!

Why email marketing is important

Email marketing remains one of the most powerful tools for marketers, delivering high ROI, high conversion rates, and opportunities for personal engagement with customers. Automation takes your email marketing to the next level by enabling you to scale up and personalise your campaigns.

So what is email automation and why should you use it in your email-based campaigns? And how can you create an impactful campaign?

At a basic level, email automation means emails are scheduled and automated according to triggers, preset criteria, or a defined schedule. Automation is useful because it requires little manual input after setup, allowing you to personalise emails and capture analytics to keep refining your campaigns. You can use email automation for everything from initial sign-up and introduction, to after-sales support and engagement.

Why your email campaigns might be failing

Understanding why your email campaigns might be falling short means you can take corrective measures and turn your campaigns around.

One of the top mistakes marketers make is neglecting to fill the top of their funnels. Contact lists naturally depreciate over time, so your list needs to be topped up and weeded out on a regular basis. Create new offers to incentivise new subscribers, like ebooks, competitions, and useful content.

Another common reason for failing email campaigns is poor content. Make sure your content is personalised, relatable, relevant, and focused for your reader. Additionally, if you’re not focused on boosting click-through rate, your email campaigns won’t be effective as they could be.

Other common reasons include sending too many emails, sending only sales messages, poor design, poor timing, and using clickbait-style subject lines. Lack of segmentation and personalise can also hold you back, as could lack of integration with other channels.

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